Trial by Written Declaration

What is Trial by Written Declaration?

In order to save time for the drivers, the government of the State of California allows drivers to write the letter to defend themselves and mail it to the court. If the judge deems your defense reasonable with adequate proof, you will probably win the case or need not to pay the fine.


 Click to write the written declaration

Why do you choose trial by written declaration?


You would probably need to request the trial by written declaration before any actions. As even if you fail in trial by written declaration, all your rights will still be reserved:

1.  Plead guilty and pay the fine. (Points will be added on your driving record and will stay on your driving record for 3 years.)

2.  Appear at court and defend for yourself (chance of winning is comparatively low)

3.  Attend traffic school. (You can go to traffic school if you have not attended traffic school for an eligible violation that occurred within the last 18 months. But if you hold a commercial driving license and were driving a commercial vehicle, you will not be eligible.)

4.  Hire a lawyer to represent you in the traffic court. (You are much more likely to win the case).


In the meanwhile, requesting trial by written declaration will be more time-saving and simpler than hiring a lawyer. All you need to do is to write a statement in Chinese and leave the rest to us. Our professional team will translate and polish it for you.

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