Court Trial

Under what circumstances do you need to hire a lawyer?


1.  Fail the trial by written declaration 

2.  The odds of winning by requesting trial by written declaration are small      

3.  The driving license will be suspended         





We suggest that drivers hire a lawyer to defend the case if any one of the above situations is involved.

(Driving license will be suspended if: 4 points are recorded within one year, 6 points are recorded within two years, and 8 points are recorded with three years).

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Why do you choose to hire a defense lawyer?


Hiring a lawyer to represent you appear at court will improve the odds of winning to the utmost extent. Generally speaking, cases win and lose. However, our team wins more than 90% of all our cases.



1.  Cases being dismissed with no fine being paid and no point being added on the driving record.

2.  Cases with the fine being paid and no point being added on the driving record.

3.  Cases being withdrawn.


  Services that Sky Ticket Offers:


Our professional team will follow up your case from the very beginning. We will provide you services as reviewing the lawyer’s qualifications and tracking the lawyer’s working experience, negotiating attorney fee and collecting materials, till your case is closed. Our service fee for this plan starts from $95 and you need to prepay it.

Generally, we will represent you to negotiate with the lawyer. The exact attorney fee will vary according to cases and regions. Commonly, the attorney fee in medium and small sized cities will cost you nearly $500 and that in large-sized cities will cost you around $400.

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