Service Plan

If you choose to request trial by written declaration but lose the trial. Besides, all your rights will still be reserved. 

 Plan A: 

Trial By Written Declaration (Prepayment will be waived for the first time)

You’d better give priority to requesting the trial by written declaration if you get a traffic ticket. You can have a Trial by Written Declaration only when it meets the prerequisites below.

Infraction only, no accident or injures involved. It is not past the due time.The courtesy notice does not require you appear in court mandatorily.


Even though your trial by written declaration failed, all your rights are still reserved: 

1. Plead guilty and pay the fine. (Points will be added on your driving record and will stay on your driving record for 3 years.)

2. Appear at court and defend for yourself (Chance of winning is comparatively low)

3. Attend traffic school. (You can go to traffic school if you have not attended traffic school for an eligible violation that occurred within the last 18 months. But if you hold a commercial driving license and were driving a commercial vehicle, you will not be eligible.)

4. Hire a lawyer to represent you in the court. (You are much more likely to win the case)

How do we charge:

You need to prepay half of the fees. If you choose trial by written declaration:

We will charge you half of the fine amount as our service fee if we win the case (i.e. no fine needs to be paid and no point will be added on your driving record); If the fine amount is less than $190, we will charge you $95 as our service fee;

We will charge you $95 as our service fee if no point will be added on your driving record but you need to pay the fine.

By choosing trial by written declaration, you will not need to go to the court, not even need to pay the fine (if we win the case), while maintain a good driving record.

For a Class C license driver, if you were found guilty by written declaration,you will be given $95 coupon which could be

used at any time you need or you can give it to your friends/ relatives as a gift.

For a truck driver, if you were found guilty by written declaration, you still have the privilege to ask for an attorney 

representative to defend for you .In this case, $95 will be charged as our service fee for reaching you a best attorney.

$95 will not be returned for any excuse.

Plan B: 

help you hire a lawyer to win the case (Sky Ticket team will follow up the case to the end, including translation).

Our professional team will follow up your case from the  very beginning. We  will  provide you services , reviewing the

 lawyer’s qualifications, tracking the lawyer’s working experience, attorney fee and collecting materials, till your case is

 closed. Our service fee for this plan starts from $95 and also you need to prepay it, service fee and lawyer fee are


Generally, we will represent you to negotiate with the lawyer. The exact attorney fee will vary  according to cases 

and regions. Commonly, the attorney fee in medium and small sized cities will cost you nearly $500 and that in

 large-sized cities will cost you around  $400.

If you choose to court trail:

As regulated by laws: Attorneys are prohibited to promise of winning a case.
Generally speaking, cases win and lose. However, our team wins more than 90% of all our cases!


1.Cases being dismissed with no fine being paid and no point being added on the driving record.
2.Cases with the fine being paid and no point being added on thedriving record.
3.Cases being withdrawn.

In addition to the traffic tickets, our team will provide you all services related to your driving license.

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