A truck driver got a traffic ticket in Arizona and he was stunned when he saw the ticket, as that was only a ticket of logbook, however he was accused of a criminal case. We should know that once losing the criminal case, it will be recorded and maybe he will be put into the jail. While with the continuous efforts of our t..MORE
When a truck driver wasdriving on the highway near theSalty Lake, his truck rear-ended another. This is a case involved propertyloss, which is generally considered to be hard to win. However, with the joint effortsmade by our team and traffic lawyers, the case was dismissed in the end.MORE
A truck driver with CDL(class A) has got 5 traffic tickets in 3 different states during the past fewmonths. There were points recorded in his past driving record, which meant ifany case was lost his commercial driver license would be suspended; If he lost2, even his Operator License would be suspended. No doubt that woulddramatically affect his life. With the help of SkyTicket, we helped him hire an experienced lawyer to take care of hi..MORE
A driver with CDL got atraffic ticket in Arizona. His truck turned over due to the two flat tires. Wehelped him hire an experienced lawyer to sort out the documents and proof forhim and finally won the case. The driver could maintain a good driving record.MORE
A bus driver was pulled overby a policeman and got 2 traffic tickets, onewas for parking and the other was for log book. For a bus driver, a good driving record issignificant for his career. With thehelp of our team, he requested trail by written declaration and won the case.The driver could maintain a good driving record.MORE
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